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Hi! I'm bluud. I am the one and only call provider for Bluuds Predictions. I have been interested in and wagering on CS:GO esports for over 5 years now. I have gained a lot of knowledge on the pro scene of CS:GO over these years which is why I have started a service to share the calls and allow everyone to profit within a community together. 


Owner/Call Provider


23 November 2014

First bet placed.

Back when CSGOLounge was a thing. Sometimes I miss these times, I'm glad it was a starting place and I only improved from here.

Profitable Strategies

This is where I started experiementing with profitable strategies and how to implement them into live bets and pre-game bets. 

23 April 2015

12 March 2016

Strategy V2

Improving off the previous strategy, this only comes with time and experience on what works and what doesn't, knowledge of teams and how they play, etc. 

Final Strategy

While it's still being tweaked here and there, I finally found the strategy which I'm comfortable sharing through my services. 

10 December 2019

10 March 2020

Paid predictions - Bluuds Predictions

This is where I strated to streamline my services into a paid subscription allowing anyone to get into the esports betting game without any prior knowledge. 

Sharing is caring.

This is the year where I opened up shop, while you can buy directly through this website I figured I'd give a shoutout to the other platforms I sell directly through, you can find their logos and links to my sales below.


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