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Bluud's esports predictions.

5+ years of experience with a winrate to not only beat our competitors but the bookies aswell.

What do you provide?

We provide a seamless start on a new financial opportunity; esports betting. Sit back and watch your bankroll grow with a few clicks. We're so sure you'll like us we're even offering a free trial to put our calls to the test.

No Experience Needed

You don't have to have any preexisting knowledge in the esports scene to place your first bet. We will walk you through the process from start to finish.

Designed To Beat The Books

The strategies we use to pick our bets is designed to beat the bookie, from odds sniping to multi bets, we're sure you will enjoy the calls.

Personal Support

Don't think you have what it takes? Have any questions? We are here 12+ hours a day to post calls and provide any support you need.
Standard - Weekly


Per week

  • Main Calls
  • Personal Support
  • Pre-Game only
Premium - Weekly


Per week

  • All Calls
  • Personal Support
  • Pre-Game, Live, Multis
  • Free MMA Calls 
  • Refund Guarantee


One time

  • All Calls
  • Personal Support 
  • Pre-Game, Live, Multis 
  • Free MMA Calls  

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